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Taxi Rijswijk en Omgeving

We are a professional Taxi company  that has been active in the Rijswijk or for Taxi sec for years. We are a reliable partner for your business and private Taxi travel in Rijswijk. Our goal is to bring you or your guests to their destination safely and quickly with our comfortable and luxurious Taxis.

Taxi Rijswijk

We offer Taxi services in V. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Reserve your taxi with us and take advantage of our affordable fixed taxi Rijswijk rates. Night Transport and Regional taxi available at Rijswijk

Minibus Rijswijk

Taxi The and Surroundings also has a taxi bus. For the transport group of 7 people (Mercedes V class VIP) or 8 people (Mercedes Vito) you have the right address. We have 24 hours 7 days minibus service in Rijswijk.

Schiphol Service

Taxi Rijswijk and the surrounding area runs daily from The Hague to Schiphol and from Rijswijk to Rotterdam Airport to pick up and return guests. We are proud of our Taxi Rijswijk Airport service because we are the most chosen company to bring and pick Schiphol.

Leerlingen Vervoer

Taxi Rijswijk and Surroundings also transports students and children. We pick up the pupils / children from home and bring them to their school or Bso. When the time comes, we bring them back on time after school or Bso. You will also receive an invoice and you can pay afterwards. We ook run on the sake of the school and Bso in Rijswijk

Koerier Service

Taxi Rijswijk and Surroundings also provides delivery services from Rijswijk. We collect your package or things and deliver them safely and on time to the specified destination. You will also receive a message when your package arrives at the destination. Call us and take advantage of our cheap delivery and collection rates in Rijswijk.

Zakelijke Vervoer

You are welcome with us for your business trips in Rijswijk We do our best to transport your guests in a safe and reliable way. For large companies we have luxury taxi and taxi buses available in Rijswijk. We work with experienced and skilled drivers. We are always on time at the agreed location and you get bill afterwards and do not need to pay guests in the taxi.


taxi hotel

Taxibus Rijswijk en Groepsvervoer Rijswijk

Are you going out with family, friends or colleagues soon and you are afraid that you will not be able to travel with a Taxi! We have Taxibus available as far as 7 people Mercedes V-Class luxury and Mercedes Vito for 8 people. We will pick you up and bring you home safely. We do daily group transport in Rijswijk. We have a large fleet of vehicles and luxury Taxi buses in Rijswijk.

Taxi reserveren Rijswijk

Do you want to book a Taxi In Rijswijk but not immediately. Yes you can. You can book Taxi in advance for your trip. Our reliable Taxi driver comes well in advance and is waiting for you. Our drivers are selected on the basis of experience and are skilled Taxi drivers.

schipol taxi service

hotels ın Rijswijk

We Transport Daily Guests To The Best Hotels In Rijswijk. We Pick Up Your Guests From Schiphol And Bring Back For The Discount Rates Or Taxi V And Surroundings.

amsterdam taxi

Taxi Rijswijk Amsterdam

Do you want a day out in Amsterdam and you don’t know what the Taxi fares are from Rijswijk to Amsterdam. You can now call The Hague and Surroundings Taxi and reserve Taxi because we have a promotional price for 100 euros, we will take you from Rijswijk to Amsterdam. If you book Taxi there and back, you will receive even more discounts.


We are proud of Taxi Rijswijk and Surroundings because we bring hundreds of people to their destinations safely every day. Our team of Taxi drivers are also grateful to our customers for choosing us.

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